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I'm delighted you checked out my work! Photography has been my means of expressing myself since I was fourteen. My goal is to connect photos to emotions. Each photograph on this page reflects a moment I seized at the right place and time. These images reflect my many years of practice, knowledge, and contemplation.
My art can move you, arouse emotions, and bring happiness. I want my viewers to experience reality and beauty.
Surprise, I'm a Physician Obstetrician and Gynecologist and, since 2013, have also been a Professional Photographer!


Whenever I travel, I bring my "magical box" to capture all the beautiful moments I encounter. The world is impressive, from oceanside shorelines to the depths of the Amazon. I hope to provide a glimpse of it with the compelling images I take back home. Each shot is unique and unrepeatable, allowing you to experience the exact moment I was in. 

Feel free to ask any questions, opinions, or thoughts on any art I present!

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